Uvumi gives you a select amount of styling options for your blog posts, profile and comments.

A more detailed overview can be found among Uvumi user Bruce's blog posts

Hyperlinks Edit

While uvumi will automatically make any URL clickable, if you want to define the link text you'll need some HTML code like this:

syntax : <a href="address">description</a>
example: <a href="">Google</a>
result : Google

Hint: If you link to a uvumi song page uvumi will automatically append a play and playlist button to the link.

Caveat 1: Link titles (tooltips) are not supported.
Caveat 2: Anchors to content on the same page will not work; their use of hashes conflicts with basic site functionality.

Text style Edit

<b>bold</b> = bold
<i>italic</i> = italic

<u>underline</u> = underline
<s>strike</s> = strike
<span style="text-decoration:overline;">overline</span> = overline

Overline is most commonly used with underline.

example: <span style="text-decoration: overline;"><u>UVUMI</u></span>
result : UVUMI

Text color Edit

The easiest way to change the background or foreground color of a text is by using color names, a full list of which can be found at:

<span style="color:red;">red text</span> = red text
<span style="background-color:pink;>pink background</span> = pink background
<span style="background-color:yellow;color:red;>red on yellow text</span> = red on yellow text

You can also define the color to be used in hexadecimal values (and the shorthand form of those) and in RGB values.

<span style="color:#FF0000;">red text</span> = red text
<span style="color:#F00;">red text</span> = red text
<span style="color:rgb(255,0,0);">red text</span> = red text

Hint: you can also change the color of links in your text:

example: <a href="" style="color:darkgreen;">dark green google link</a>
result : dark green google link

Font size Edit

To change font size, while it is possible to use exact font sizes (like '14 pt'), it is recommended you use relative font sizes.

syntax: <span style="font-size: value">text here</span>

The following are valid values of "font-size": xx-small, x-small, small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large.

xx-small - x-small - small - medium - large - x-large - xx-large

Caveat 1: Default font settings may make xx-small, x-small (and on a rare occasion small) appear to be the same size.
Caveat 2: uvumi's default relative font size is "small".

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