Popular tags are the top 5 tags others assigned to the currently playing track. My tags are the tags you assigned to it.

For more info about tagging see the tagging page.


The playlist area shows the 11 tracks at most. Tracks can be dragged and dropped to another position in the playlist by left-clicking on track and holding the mouse button down. Clicking the tiny trashcan icon removes the track from the playlist; if you loaded a saved playlist the trashcan will only change the loaded list, not the saved copy of that.


At the bottom you'll find 5 icons, a checkbox and a counter. The icons meanings are, from left to right:

  1. clear playlist
  2. save playlist: append loaded tracks to existing playlist, or create a new playlist.
  3. load playlist: select any number of your own playlists to be loaded up.
  4. repeat
  5. shuffle

The "Remember playlist" checkbox lets Uvumi set and update a cookie with loaded tracks. Convenient for people whose browser often crashes, or whose player often hangs (requiring a page reload).

The counter is the total playing time of the loaded playlist.

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