This is a list of some of Uvumi's quirks, the things that make you go "huh, that's weird". Some of these issues might be fixed by the Uvumi team later on.

  1. While you can favorite entire albums, clicking the favorite star next to an album name won't favorite the individual tracks the album comprises. The reverse is also true: favoriting each individual track in an album won't favorite the album itself.
  2. On people pages there are both a fan and a friend button. You can thus be someone's friend /and/ fan, the distinction seems to be: if you are someone's friend, you are updated on their actions, and they on yours; while when you are someone's fan, you only are updated on their actions (possibly only a subset of actions, like song uploads, blog posts).
  3. Playlists allow duplicate entries.
    1. Fixed.
  4. Track plays are added to your history, and presumably play counts are updated, after only 1 second of play.
    1. Fixed. Minimum play time is now 10 seconds, or with intros of 10 seconds and below any play time.

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