Tracks on uvumi can be tagged according to style or characteristics. Tags are a part of the Chart algorithm, the popularity of a certain tag on a track figures into the track's chart position. Currently there is no central list of allowed tags, when tags that didn't exist yet are entered for tracks, they are added to a central pool.

There are two ways to tag a track:

1. if a track already has tags, by clicking on the plus on one of the existing tags, this also adds the tag to the My Tags box 2. by typing tags, seperated by commas, into the "My Tags" box and pressing enter. Note that even though it says "My Tags", the tags you enter will still be visible to, and usable by, others.

If you want to edit a tag you have entered, or remove it completely, you can do so by editing the text field in the "My Tags" box. Simply click on the "Tag" button to save your changes.

The way the tagging system is currently set up leads to several pros and cons.


  1. By not being limited to a pre-set list of tags, you can adequately tag a track whose genre has not yet seen on uvumi.


  1. Mistyped tags (and tag lists without commas) count as unique tags too.
  2. The lack of a (structured) tag list also precludes the grouping of synonymous tags (electro clash/electroclash, alternative rock/alt rock).

To correct typos that someone else has made, or to merge two tags that should be the same, for now only contacting uvumi staff will work.


Tagging is not all up to the listeners, artists can point the way as well.

  1. When you upload a track you can set tags.
  2. If you chose not to set tags ID3 genre info from the MP3 file will be used.
  3. If genre info is not available from the MP3, then a song will be tagged with all the musical styles you listed for yourself.
  4. If also musical styles have not been set, only then will a track be added to the site tag free.


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